German-English Translation Dictionary and Verbs Відгуки

Fantastic Dictionary!

I use Ultralingua apps for several languages and they have all been superb. I like the built in conjugations for verbs as well. Very nice.

Absolutely dismal

I have been trying to look up the meaning of "das Regal" to see it's plural and it's showing me a translation for some random verb...seriously?

Problems discovered after most recent update

The latest app iOS 9 update seems to be defective. I'm encountering problems and bugs such as, when I enter a word into the search field, it just remains there, no matter how many other words are researched. Using the back arrow keys does nothing to remove the entry. Additionally, after looking at verb conjugations, it is impossible to back out to the original screen. These "issues" need immediate attention and resolution.

fine, but mo typos

works well, but i am constantly coming across typos involving missing or superfluous umlauts. many translations are either wrong, or seem wrong without context, like an example phrase.

Nice, but missing the articles for nouns

I am trying to learn German and unfortunately they do not include the articles for nouns. This could be the best translation app very easily but they don't seem to be interested in improving.

Rich and practical tool.

This is a rich, practical and portable tool to translate single words.

Great dictionary

When I lived in German for a year this was my go to dictionary since it was always available when I had internet access or not. While cheaper or free English-German dictionaries are available this is definitely worth the money


Many useful definitions. Allows the user to search, using any form of the verb.

Stable app, extensive dictionary

Having used Ultra Lingua for many years, it has proved its reliability and seen me through multiple trips abroad and several foreign-language novels. It is the app that never leaves my phone!

Quick & Efficient

This app is quick and easy to use. Thus far, every word that has been needed, has been listed. The interface is clean and easy to use. Verb conjugations are available. Simply, it is one of the best purchases that I have ever made from the iTunes Store. Suggestion: Voice-to-text input would be nice.


My fault. I didn't notice b4 I purchased That I would NOt get help with pronunciation. That's true for my Espan~ol App also. Otherwise ok. But not ok with me S L L

So handy, and quick

But it's not a substitute for Cassel's. a little quirky at times.

Good, but last version was better

I love this app, and it works great for what I need it to do, but the old version update seemed a bit easier to use.

A step backwards...for sure.

I gave the previous version 5 stars. However, this update is not near as good. PLEASE bring back the old format. Much more user friendly.

I hate this update!!!

I have been using these dictionaries on my ipad (in German and Italian) for at least 3 years and this update is just horrible. The new format gives little information on a page so it takes much, much longer to find what you are seeking and then to get the conjugations, etc. the conjugations are far less legible than they used to be. I hate this update and wish that I could get the old format back. Why would they go backwards?????

Indispensable, though the new icons a major backward step in usability.

The Collins Ultralingua dictionary content and new user interface overall is good. The one major, major minus - They need to bring back more easily identifiable icons. The flags worked really well for quick easy access to the right dictionary. Can barely discern the difference now. Also, Do not bother to download the Ultralingua bookshelf. It is just a marketing tool for Ultralingua's benefit not their users'. It forces an extra click to get to the dictionary you need while presenting you with needless commercials and social media options.

Multum in Parvo

I have three Ultralingua dictionaries: Italian, French, now German. Even if one knows a language fairly well it is easy to blank out on a word, or gender, or verb declension. All these dictionaries, within the limits of an IPhone's memory, are useful and impressive. German being my weakest language it is nice that this is the best of them all. Generous usage notes--"pick" as "choice" nicely differentiated from tool--the Italian and French are less good about this. Excellent verb section_ a pure extra in a dictionary. Very good coverage--even gives "loipe" as "langlauf"--cross country skiing. Bravo!

Crappy dictionary

Some of the German words it doesn't have are incredibly common, so it's pretty useless: Rinnstein, Gulli, verhunzend, Klappsmühle, Zecke, mickrig, motzen - it's a looooong list.

iPad rotation issue fixed

The iPad rotation bug introduced in 1.5.3 has been fixed (at least for me) in 1.5.4. Back to five stars.

What happened to landscape mode? Thumbs down!

I also have the Spanish & French dictionaries from Ultralingua, and can't believe that with this update, the landscape mode is gone from all three. Frankly I'd much rather do without the latest 'improvements' but at least be able to use this on my iPad. The worst part about it is that even in portrait mode, when you try to enter any text for search, the keyboard that pops up is in… landscape mode, which blocks the field where you're supposed to enter the text. Thus rendering this app TOTALLY useless. Please fix this PRONTO!

One of two I count on

I am in my third yr learning German. This is one of two dictionary apps I have relied on consistently. The great strength of this one is the conjugation tables. Word usage examples are helpful.


This is not a scholarly dictionary. Half the words I look up aren't there. Get Pons instead.

Ich mag es!!

I lived in Vienna for half a year for school and this app. helped me a lot. I loved the conjugation feature with all the different tenses. Helped me get through german class! I also loved that it didn't have to be online to get the translation. It was also great for the grocery store. Thanks!!!

Find another

I'm really quite dissatisfied with this dictionary. No book marking feature, annoying interface, no etymology, no pronunciation feature - wish I knew how to find something better...

Not as complete as "Collins Unabridged" but still good

I'm not sure the exact relationship between the "Ultralingua" and "Collins" brands, but I bought this before I realized that there is in fact a "Collins" brand *unabridged* German dictionary available in the iTunes store ($34.99). While this dictionary is certainly good, it's not as complete. In particular, finding expressions is not as easy. I also miss the bookmarking feature. One good thing about this one is the standard use of the pinch-to-zoom (something those of us with not-so-perfect eyesight always appreciate). The animation when you change translation direction is also kind of cool to watch. ;)

Don't buy the 29.99 app - this is the same app

The Collins German English dictionary and verbs for 29.99 is the same app as this one, same dict same version. Haven't used this one yet but wanted to give the heads up on the price. Unfortunately iTunes won't let me review the other app to warn shoppers there.

Not worth its $20

If you are looking for a serious dictionary, please get another one!

The best app decision I've made.

I know the price is up there, but it's been more than worth it. I'm in my 2nd year studying German and this app has been invaluable. I had it on PalmOS and immediately looked for it when I switched to iPhone. As a one-stop reference for translation & conjugation you won't find a better app on the market right now . Highly recommend. This is the only review Ive ever written - hope it helps another struggling student like me.

Sluggish iPad performance after update

The dictionary is still terrific, but the latest iPad update slows the app to a crawl. The app sometimes takes seconds to recognize key presses, and seconds more to return a search result. Oddly, the same app on iPhone works instantly.

Nearly complete/glitch free

Not a complete,full referenced dictionary that you will find in an actual full-size dictionary, but for the most part quite extensive, and it is incredibly quick since it requires no internet. As an English teacher living in Germany for almost 3 years, it has been very useful in all level courses. Some colloquial, specialized and seldomly used words you will not find this dictionary. Go to Leo dic for that answer. This dictionary lies somewhere between Leo dic, which rarely gives context or useage, and a full size book dictionary. The weight of dragging around a giant Langenscheidt dictionary was by far the biggest tradeoff.

Not worth $20.00

This program is a joke if you need a dictionary just use "Google Translate" it's free and ten times more likely to give you correct congegation you can even talk to the program and it will in a sense talk back please for your sake dont get this

Greatest dictionary app

I was waiting to purchase this app since a long time. Thank you for the Cyber Mondey sale!!! This app is just amazing and does everything, just love it. I'm a Master student in Germany and it's very amazing to have a pocket distionary that helps me a lot. Thank you Ultralingua for such amazing app. Btw, I don't know what y'all complaining about, but it just worth the price. Price tells us about the QUALITY, and the quality of this app is pretty high!!!


Liked this. Worth the $20. Recognizes most conjugated verbs within a normal sentence structure. It doesn't recognize all of them instantly, however, one can figure out the verb thru guesses viewing different verbs and having the app conjugate them.


the new mobile update is great :D this app has always been very nice sleek, and shiny, - the interface is just awesome. I love the Numerical and Verb feature, it's a feature which not many other mobile dictionaries have. It'd be awesome if there were voice recordings, but i can't ask for much more :) (from artypig78)


The Verbs are missing the transitive or intransive indication, one could really use some form of saved lists of words, reference to similar verbs (different suffixes). What about copying? No grammatical references? this is supposed to be dictionary.


Perfecft well worth the money for German English reference on the go... Especially if you don't have Internet...


I chose this app instead of a German-English dictionary, and I'm happy I did! It has about the same amount of definitions as a good dictionary, but it doesn't take 10 minutes to find the word you're looking for. I would definitely reccomend this to you!

New Zealand

...strange glitch by which the English word cannot be found but the German "Neuseeland" can be. Sierra Leone? Nope. Same in English and German though. Perhaps a random country QA is in order, developers? I am otherwise very happy with my purchase. Verb conjugation is the most difficult part of my language learning, so having this resource handy (auf meinem Handy!) is great.

The best bidirectional dictionary there is !

I'm a student who's learning German for university entrance. I'm fortunate enough to own an iPad, and it would be an understatement to say that this dictionary has really started to change things for me. CONTENT: Nonpareil database of words, phrases, sentences and colloquial expressions. There isn't a single thing I looked up and couldn't find. Better yet, if there's something you don't understand in your results, you can simply tap on the word to see its meaning. As a bonus, if you're typing a word, the spelling of which you're not sure of, Ultralingua will actually give you suggestions to match your search - and it works beautifully ! On top of that, when you discover that you can actually conjugate verbs in hordes of tenses (see third screenshot above), you promptly realize that this dictionary is absolutely indispensable if you're a student learning a foreign language, or a traveller who needs a dictionary at hand all the time - just excellent ! Verbs, adjectives, nouns are marked clearly, as well as articles are easy to note. INTERFACE: The UI is clean and simple. Unlike the PONS dictionary which my classmate has, the interface is not cluttered and filled with ugly colors. Its very elegant, and every word (or search result) is differentiated nicely. In PONS everything was jumbled together like curry and, like a real dictionary, you need to melt you brain to figure out where your result is - well, not here ! You can proceed to the next page by flicking the bottom corner which is quite convenient, I just wish there was a page-curl effect (like iBooks) or a little curl on the corner to tell you that a next page is available. Otherwise, it's been brilliantly designed. FUNCTIONALITY: And here's where Ultralingua tops. Although the performance of the app in terms of speed and snappiness of searches is way above average, it could improve a little. My most favorite feature is a convenient button to swap languages instantly. You have a history column where you see all the words you've looked up - very, very nice if you're about to write something and you think of a few words in your native language, the translations to which you don't know - you search them one after the other and they all get stored in the history - this way you don't need to keep on looking them up while writing. There's even a number pad that tells you, in words, the numbers you're typing, which is totally awesome ! All in all, this is a top notch app if you're looking for a dictionary. It works both on iPhone / iPod touch and on iPad so a one-time purchase is enough for you to have dictionaries with you everywhere. I can go far enough to say that this is one purchase you'll definitely not regret - hence, very highly recommended !

Great Information - Little Slow / Buggy

I've enjoyed using this application. I primarily use it to look-up words I encounter when reading German language websites with Safari on the iPhone. This involves doing a select/copy on the word in Safari (or other German text application), closing Safari, launching the dictionary, and pasting the word into the search box. I have been very pleased with the search results and definitions (i.e., they provide many different translations and context usages). However, I have two non-trivial problems: 1. I cannot paste text into the search box anymore since the v. 1.3 upgrade (which caused the dictionary to crash everytime I tried to launch it). Although 1.3.1 seems to have fixed the crash problem, I can no longer paste text into the search box like I previously did nearly every day (and copy/paste works just fine in other apps). 2. The start-up time is painful. I want to be able to look words up quickly while reading. It can take 20-30 seconds to complete the operation I described before, most of which is the Ultralingua startup time. If it weren't for those two issues I'd use this application much more frequently.

Excellent application

Well-designed user interface and with a very good vocabulary - equivalent to an intermediate-advanced level translation dictionary - this app is by far the most useful I have found in the App Store to date and infinitely superior to other D-E translators I have tried. Well worth the money.

Very useful :)

I use it for my AP German class...and it is a godsend. Great app, very simple and functional. A bit pricey but once you use it, you'll come to realize it's worth it. Btw, umlauts as eszetts ARE typeable. Hold down a vowel until you see the other chöïcës. And aß for the eßzett, hold down B. Buy it, it's well worth it :)

Best translation dictionary for iPhone

I've owned this app for well over a year now, and it is by far the best German dictionary app on the market.

No pronunciation??!?

I should have read the other reviewer saying there is no pronunciation. Seriously, I would have never dropped 20 bucks for a dictionary that doesn't have pronunciation, I don't care how good this dictionary is. How could you possibly have a dictionary that doesn't help you pronounce the words (especially German!) I want my money back.

Conjugations are buggy!

$19.99 and my ability to use the conjugation feature is virtually non-existent. I want a refund!

Great App!

I use this app daily, I love it! I just moved to Germany and it comes in very handy! Would be nice if umlauts and ezsetts were added to the keyboard though! I highly suggest this app for daily life! The phrases and sentances when you look up a word help refrence the word which is the best way to learn!

Better with the update

They fixed the bugs! Finally! 4 stars for having to wait 6months for the update.

Great app for intermediate level

I use it everyday and it is great. The only problem is that the conjugation section uses the outdated german spelling (see for example müssen).

small vocabulary

The app works very well, but I'm really disappointed by the small vocabulary. The description promises 'collegiate-level', but can't find 3 out of 4 words I'm looking for. I would recommend it only for beginner levels.

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