German-English Translation Dictionary and Verbs App Reviews

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Nice and simple.Worth the price.

There might be some better option out there

Overall, its certainly a competent dictionary. But the content isnt as clear nor as rich as some other apps. I very often need to turn to Oxford one instead. Another feature I would love to see is live searching. Right now you have to key in exact word to search. A big - (thats a minus sign).

Doesnt start anymore

iPhone 4, latest ios7. Fix this fast please!


Especially good because you can look up the verb from its conjugated form which even a dictionary cannot do. History good for flash card lists.

Great! ... Still The best!

Update: Still amazing. Would love to see a word of the day integrated! I am very impressed with this and is well worth the 20 dollars. It will keep me brushed up on my german always. Great interface to search words within a searched word. Two thumbs up!

Best UI

The best UI of any other English-German dictionary app. Puts the Langenscheidt and Pons apps to shame.

Good translator!

Pls. retina support!!!!! Translator is top! And pls give the possibility to show more tenses at one time.

German Dictionary

Nice German dictionary application. It is comprehensive, but as a learner I would like to see more examples of how words are used in the language. For example, multiple definitions are given for the English word "pathetic"; such as, pathetisch and traurig. They are both adjectives, but unless you know that traurig means "sad" you may use the word in the wrong context. I guess they both reflect a negative mood state and thats why they are grouped together, but examples of their use would be helpful. Another note... I really appreciate the colloquial language (Ausdruecken) that has been integrated into the App. It would be great to have more information on the origins of these expressions. Understanding some of the statements can be mind-bending; an example being "Mach mal Dampf" which is supposed to be equivalent to "pull your finger out"????

Have tried several and this is the best

Offers both a comprehensive German-English dictionary as well as verb conjugations. This app is worth every penny.

Excellent tool!

I tried several G-E dictionaries for iPhone and this one is the best. Highly recommended!

Worth the Price

Works far better than a traditional dictionary in all ways, with speed being the key factor here. Great for German class!

I tried the new GUI user interface. - no thanks

BRING BACK OLD INTERFACE - as option perhaps. OR FIVE NE MY MONEY BACK!! The old design had its flaws (too thick, more taps necessary) but it was efficient. Now u have to scroll kilometres and miles of text to get to what I need and its not good on eye too.

Problems discovered after most recent update

The latest app iOS 9 update seems to be defective. Im encountering problems and bugs such as, when I enter a word into the search field, it just remains there, no matter how many other words are researched. Using the back arrow keys does nothing to remove the entry. Additionally, after looking at verb conjugations, it is impossible to back out to the original screen. These "issues" need immediate attention and resolution.


The verb conjugations alone make it with every penny. Hope they add more words in other categories like medicine and botany. Representative sentances would be a dream.

Amazing must-by product!

I live in Paris and attend university in a tri-lingual Englsih-German-French program and I cannot tell you how helpful these apps are. I own both the French and German ones and would highly recommend them to ANYONE! They are really simple to use and give very thorough answers to even technical vocabulary. You will not be disappointed if you buy this product.

Pretty good but....

....but it does not have an entry for one of the most common word under the sky: a cat! I tried both English and German. Nothing. Looks like cats are not very well known in Germany I guess, lol. Besides that its a pretty good dictionary, lots of options, and lots of help about a word (except a cat of course!) that youre searching for. Worth buying.

Add Pronunciation Please

I was very disappointed when I found out theres no pronunciation for the German words. I have been using "and loving" the Ultralingua French/English version and that one DOES have the pronunciation for the French words. Im also interested in speaking the language not only in reading and writing it, so until the pronunciation for the German words is added this app will wont be as nearly as useful as it can be. Thanks Ultralingua. P.S. I also have the Ultralingua Portuguese/English and just realized that one doesnt have the pronunciation for the Portuguese words either. I hadnt noticed before because Portug. is my native language so I dont need the pronunciation for those, as I imagine most of the English native speakers dont care much for the pronunciation of the English words in an app like this.

A must for learning German !!!!!

This app may seem a little pricey but it is well worth it! The dictionary content is huge, not to mention all the phrases it contains. The verb conjugator is very useful, even the digit-to-word, number converter is handy. The gui is very friendly and the dictionary lay-out has everything you need. Ive been learning German for 3 years and this is simply one of the best and most useful tools I have ever found!

Great app for intermediate level

I use it everyday and it is great. The only problem is that the conjugation section uses the outdated german spelling (see for example müssen).

Better with the update

They fixed the bugs! Finally! 4 stars for having to wait 6months for the update.

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